In case you’re a website owner, a problem may always crop up and it does not automatically have to be related to the web hosting service itself. For example, something may go wrong when you update a script or some critical data might be edited or deleted by accident. Irrespective of what the nature of the problem may be, you will have to get in touch with the customer support team and request them to recover a backup or to help you resolve the problem that you are experiencing. How quickly they’ll do it will predetermine the interval of time that your sites will be inaccessible. For given websites like community sites or online stores, a continual unreachability can often mean lost users and cash. That said, it is quite important for you to use the services of a web hosting company that provides not only a good tech support service, but also a well-timed one.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Hosting

If you are using any of our cloud hosting and you have an inquiry or come across an obstacle, you can contact us 24x7 by opening a ticket or by sending an email and we’ll make sure that you have a reply in no more than one hour. In case the issue can be solved, we will do it before we get back to you, whereas in case there’s something that you need to do on your end, we’ll provide you with all the needed details – what settings to check, what possible solutions to try out, and so on. Usually, you’ll obtain a reply within no more than thirty minutes, which means that waiting for hours or even for more than a day to obtain support is something inconceivable. Our sixty-minute response time guarantee applies to any enquiry that you may have – billing, technical or general.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We promise that if you open a technical support ticket through your web hosting Control Panel or send an email relating to your semi-dedicated server, you’ll have a reply within maximum one hour. You can contact us whenever you wish in regards to general, technical or billing issues and considering the fact that we’re working 24-7-365, you’ll always get assistance in a timely manner. Depending on the particular issue or question, we’ll give you more info, fix the complication if it has been caused by something that’s within our reach or advise you on what actions to take in case you need to configure a given setting for a web-based app that we don’t have access to. You can just forget about waiting around for a day for each and every reply. Actually, in most cases we answer emails and tickets within twenty-twenty five minutes max.